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- When does the wrestling season start?
For the 2015-16 season, sign-up for the high school runs October 26th – 30th . October 26th is the winter sports meeting for parents and varsity wrestling practice begins on November 16th.  The high school season normally culminates at the Minnesota State Wrestling tournament February 25th – 27th, 2016.  
Youth wrestling registration is on October 26nd and the first practice is on November 17th.  Youth practices can run into April depending on the interest level at that time.  Note:  If you miss the registration date and are interested in joining, please contact a coach and they can get you signed up, or be sure to attend the parent meeting (first practice) on November 17th.

- Who can I contact for Medford wrestling information or questions?

All of the contact information for Medford coaches is listed on this website.  On the menu bar near the top of this page, click on the ‘ABOUT’ tab.  That will drop down a menu with a ‘COACHES’ link.  The Medford booster club officers information can be found on the main page under the ‘BOOSTER CLUB’ tab.  The booster club typically meets on the first Wednesday of each month.  These meetings are open to all wrestling parents so you are welcome to attend.  Also, there are several wrestling parents who are actively involved and willing to help answer questions.  The Medford Wrestling Facebook page is another place to find information.  It is located at:

- Where can I find general information on wrestling?

A search on the internet is a great way to find information on wrestling.  One of the most popular wrestling sites Medford wrestlers and fans will use is The Guillotine.  Other sites which could be useful are PINnicle, MN Elite, NYWA, MN/USA, MSHSL, the Intermat, the Mat, and Flowrestling.  Many of these links can be found on the right hand side of this page.

- How do youth tournaments work and how do we sign up for tournaments?

Most of the individual youth tournaments (and their specific information) are found on The Guillotine website at this link:
The Medford wrestling program will typically inform wrestlers which of these tournaments we are intending to send a coach to.  Most of the tournaments are “open”, meaning you can just show up and pay an entry fee at the door.  There does not have to be a coach, school, or club present to wrestle.  Team tournaments will be scheduled through the Medford youth wrestling program.  Coaches will select the wrestlers who will wrestle for Medford’s team.  Team entry fees are paid by the Medford booster club.  Aside from the many open tournaments, there are organizations which put on tournaments.  The most popular of these leagues are NYWA, MN/USA, and MYAS.  You must be a member of that specific league (purchase a yearly membership card) to wrestle in any of their tournaments.  These leagues have tournaments throughout the year and finish with qualifying tournaments, which ultimately culminate into a state wrestling tournament.

- I have heard coaches and parents refer to different wrestling organizations by the acronyms NYWA, MN/USA and MYAS. What do they stand for and how would you qualify for them?

Medford wrestling has been associated with each of these organizations and has sent wrestlers to compete in these tournament over the years. As for the acronym NYWA, it stands for the Northland Youth Wrestling Association. They sanction wrestlers from Kindergarten through 8th Grade and it is based on your child’s current grade level. To compete in this organization you can purchase a membership card ($15.00) via their website, which is linked to this website. A membership card can also be purchased in person at the time of the District qualifier. They have multiple District qualifiers in which you have to finish in the top two places in order to advance to Regions. At your local Regions, your child must finish in the top three in his bracket to advance to the annual State Tournament held in Rochester, MN. There is a nominal fee associated with each of these tournaments. The acronym MN/USA stands for the Minnesota/United States of America organization which is an affiliate member of USA Wrestling. They sanction wrestlers from Kindergarten through 12th Grade and it is based on your child’s birth year. To participate in their tournaments you must also go to their website to sign up for an annual membership card ($35.00). This card allows your child to participate in not only Folkstyle tournaments, but also Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments. To qualify for their Folkstyle and Freestyle State Tournaments you must earn 25 points at one or more of their qualifiers. With a 1st place finish you would receive 40 points, 2nd-25 points, 3rd-10 points and no points awarded for 4th place. You can wrestle in as many qualifiers until you acquire the appropriate points needed to participate at state. With Greco-Roman wrestling you do not need to qualify for the State Tournament, although you will be required to pre-register on their website.  Finally, the MYAS acronym stands for Minnesota Youth Athletic Services which is associated with Gopher State Nationals. This is a National Tournament held annually in Monticello, MN. Gopher State National sanctions wrestlers from Kindergarten through 8th Grade and is also based on your child’s current grade level. There are no qualifiers to participate in this National tournament, but there is a $40.00 registration fee. Pre-registration for this event is also required on-line.

- Does Medford wrestling offer any additional practices outside of the normal season, such as in the summer time?

Yes!  This past summer Medford alum and former collegiate wrestler Greg Brendemuehl was brought in to coach one practice each week for the high school level wrestlers.  On the youth side, weekly practices were also held for anyone interested.  Also, a 3 day summer wrestling camp is offered by coach Whitman for youth wrestlers.  Aside from the Medford events, other local schools and clubs along with several metro area organizations offer high caliber training in the off-season.

- How can I get involved or volunteer?

Throughout the year, Medford wrestling will organize several events.  Some of these may include: the Medford youth and junior high wrestling tournaments, a couple of wrestling fundraisers, and participation in Medford’s Straight River Days parade.  Volunteers are needed at these events so please ask a coach about helping out.  Also, the Medford Booster Club holds monthly meetings which are open to the public.

- What is Medford’s wrestling history?

Medford has a rich tradition in wrestling.  It’s arguably been Medford’s most successful sport.  Along with several high school state champions, Medford has produced two 3 time state champions in Mitch Kuhlman and Curt Maas.  Both have gone on wrestle at the Division one level in college.  The high school team also won a class ‘A’ team championship in 2002.  The youth program has also tasted success with many state placewinners.  The lastest youth state champion was Tate Hermes in 2015.

Medford Youth

Wrestling 17-18

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